Monday, February 8, 2010

Living in One Country and Thinking about Another

ironic when one moves from a developing country to a highly developed country. The experience that you get is very cheerful if you look at it vey superficially but when you dig deep into the rabbit hole, thats where the real sadness comes. It's been one month and few days Since I have shifted to Singapore after listening to the overwhelming comments like "this is the best move buddy" or even more clich├ęd “Pakistan main Rakah hi kya hai- Nikal Ja”, I am thinking more and more about the ‘so-called’ my country Pakistan.

It’s not that I don’t like Singapore or there is anything bad about it (except food). I think Singapore is really nice, Hi-Tech, friendly, discipline place where you can roam around in the streets at 12:00 PM with your family without having any fear from losing your mobile phone to your life. Everything seems to be in place and everything looks brilliant and radiating. One look ask then why in the world I am thinking about Pakistan. Some would answer maybe because of the initial nostalgia but I am not too sure about that.

The reason I am thinking about Pakistan is because of this comparative analysis that people make between these two countries or between Pakistan and any developed country so-to-speak. The reason why I am thinking is because no one wants to say anything good about Pakistan especially when they get a chance to come to a place like Singapore. It’s like you got freedom from the jail and you don’t want to talk about the traumatic experience that you had inside the bars.

I understand and agree that the country has problems and does posses a huge security threat to a common man. But my question is that what satisfaction are we going to get by saying only bad things about the country which in the end has given us our cultural identity? I am not been dramatic here but the inquiry that I want people to do is to think. Can there be a day when they talk only good things about Pakistan? Is that possible or its just another dream like one Allama Iqbal had hoping that one day it might come true.

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Nauman said...

trust me the people who have migrated from Pakistan either for studies or job say one things..... there is no place on this plannet like Pakistan (Karachi to be specific).

i once got a chance to move to bahrain but a good luck for me i never went... so what did i loose by not going to bahrain.... nothing.... what did i gain by not going to bahrain...

1. family
2. friends
3. social and community life
4. things that aren't even comming to my mind right now

but aziz...... one must feel a pain to loose something one has earned by struggling... mobile snatching for people in pakistan has become such an insignificant issue as if they buy mobile for one day to be snatched..

but recent cases like robbery, kidnapping and land mafia has made people think about moving to other place where atleast what they earn is their's....

i would still say and till the day i die..