Monday, February 8, 2010

How Can a Muslim Philosopher Love God?

Since I have started my philosophical endeavor, I have been thinking hard about an inquiry that many people have in their mind. How can a philosopher specially a Muslim Philosopher love God when he distant himself so much from him? If one looks at the Philosophers of the Classical Period, one can clearly see that the very principle of Tawheed has been defined as something, which is incomprehensible to human faculty. Be it Sunni Theologians or Ismaili Muslim Philosophers, Kindi, Farabi, Ibn Sina or Nasir-e-Khusro, the very principle notion of Tawheed was explained in a way which makes you wonder that if one cannot possess the knowledge of Divine then what is the point of understanding Tawheed and how can you develop an affection towards such a distant God?

After giving a lot of thought, I have come up with a thought might lead to a very interesting debate on this topic. The old epistemological debate provides us with the notions of human knowledge having various levels. Now if take his primes that human knowledge does have levels and stages then understanding God would also vary from people to people. Now a Muslim with a limited understanding of logical sciences would see God differently than a Muslim Philosopher. A common Muslim would worship God and maybe love him because he would think that his needs and desires would get accomplished by doing it. He might be an imitator like a majority, but if we talk about a Muslim Philosopher, his understanding of God has developed through logical sciences. Although his God is far away from his human comprehension but through his logical understanding, he knows God is actually inside him. God can see him but he cannot, God can feel him but he cannot, God can help him but he cannot, God can assist him but he cannot. Therefore, he wonders and asks himself that what can he do?

After a lot of contemplation and thinking the answer comes that all he can do is Submit. Once he submits then he would eventually develop a love for that almighty who he knows is far away from his intellectual capacity. The point that i want to emphasize is that a philosopher can never love God until he understands that since he cannot understand he does not have many choices. All his mental faculties would tell him that he cannot comprehend God with the empirical senses. The beauty to love is not in understanding but in submitting and thats what a philosopher needs to understand.

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