Monday, March 8, 2010

The Slow Death of Heroism in Pakistan

Couple of decayed back when there was practically no media available, not much technology, no mobile phones and no concept of Internet, Pakistan managed to have hero’s like Imran Khan, Waseem Akhtar, Anwar Maqsood, Moin Akhtar, Junaid Jamshed, Nazia Hassan and Shoaib Mansoor which tells you the diversity in this culture.
It is so ironic that as the time is passing by and with all the technological advancement, somehow our heroism seems to be dying and our people are no more interesting in watching our people. Some would critique that it’s because of the choices that people have in almost all the things but is it only because of that?

Everyone loves a hero and everyone tries to follow a hero because it inspires people to become like them. I don’t believe that because of the choices we are no more interested in our hero’s, I think the problem is much more profound and obscure. To be a hero demands a lot of responsibility. To be honest, true to yourself and your words, Consistent, and be inspirational. The question is how many people get inspires by Pakistani Sports man, Artists, Musicians, Scientists, Academicians? How many of us think about them as some of think about Aamir khan, George Clooney, Brian Lara, Rafial Nadal or Norm Chomsky.

I personally don’t think the we don’t have hero’s any more, but I strongly believe the inspiration seems to be disappearing and our younger generations won’t have much to talk about when they would be asked about their hero’s because all we are doing is cursing our sports players, blaming our musicians for being hypocrite and if we have nothing to talk then finally we blame our governance for all the problem that we are facing.

Unfortunately there is no answer to this slow death of the heroism in Pakistan but all I can hope that somehow we can revive a spirit by which our younger generation can see more on television then Kamran Khan, Hamid Meer and Shahid Masood’s non-stop so-called critical analysis to the corrupt Pakistani Political system or sense less advertisements. I hope our parents and Teachers can show our children that there are still some hero’s but the need is to put the spot light.

Let’s Put the Spot Light on Right People


Raheel Lakhani said...

All we are left with is morning and cooking shows. There's an alternate movement going on but sadly it is like a mutual admiration society of bloggers, few IT people and initiatives like T2F.

We are really bad at marketing content. There are people like Mehreen Jabbar, Sabeen Mahmud, a large pool of artists and thinkers doing their stuff but we see an attitude boasting who cares from mass culture.

adeelkhero said...

I completely agree with your views. The era of 80s and 90s saw some iconic figures that are either no more with us, or are fading.

And its not only media. The literature is also dying a slow death. Young generation is interested more in facebook, cell phones, Xbox, sheesha etc but is no where near to our culture which is laying low in our old books.

One of the top things in 80s was the school education system, the moral values and mutual respect. Now its more about talking about things that we won't change but keep talking about it. Schools are now fields for factory farmed minds. Thank God our time was a little different than todays. And from the one I started with was called Jennings which was renamed to Sabira's when we left.